The Artech-International Association aims at becoming the leading international organization purely devoted to the needs of digital and modern artists, creators and visionaries who adopt computer technology to create beauty and allow for high engaging, amusing, perceptive, expressive, artistic, cultural, educational or simply entertaining installations and artifacts.

The Artech-International Association has as its primary objective to promote the development of digital and computer art world wide. This objective is accomplished by embracing activities coming from the scientific, technological and artistic community that envisage the creation of artifacts and installations of digital art as also the rendering of services in the field of Digital and Computer Arts, especially through:

    • a) Establishment of local and international Digital Art and Technology Prizes;
    • b) Organization of Conference, Art Fairs and Exhibitions;
    • c) Realization of Research and Experimental Projects;
    • d) Promotion of Training Activities;
    • e) Participation in support programmes and activities in the fields of Development of New Creative Technologies and Applications;
    • f) Collaboration in the same field with public and private bodies;
    • g) Participation in programmes for the development and support of African, Latin American and other Countries.

Download the provisional association’s constitution (in PDF)