The governing bodies of the Association are:

a) The General Assembly
b) The Executive Board
c) The Surveying Council
d) The Scientific and Arts Council

General Assembly:

The General Assembly includes all ordinary Association members with full rights only- honorary members are excluded from participating in the General Assembly.

The General Assembly’s meetings are to be chaired by a chairman committee, which is constituted of a President, a Vice-president and one Secretary.

Executive Board:
The Executive Board is the highest executive body of the Association. It consists of a President and two or four Vocals elected by the General Assembly.
The Executive Board focuses all the necessary powers to carry out the activities that sit within the Association’s objectives.

Surveying Council:
The Surveying Council is the Association’s control body. It consists of a President and two Vocals who are to be elected by the General Assembly.

Scientific and Arts Council:
The Scientific and Arts Council is a consulting board of the Association for all matters of scientific and artistic nature. The Presidents of the General Assembly and of the Executive Board are members of this council as also a minimum of twelve other individuals acknowledged for their personal merits, who are elected by the General Assembly by proposal of the Executive Board.