Artech-International promotes several activities in different fields giving special emphasis in the following ones:

  • Artech Conference Series – International Conference on Digital Arts. It is an international conference that aims at promoting contacts between artists, researchers, scholars, art curators, students and art consumers who are interested in the fields related to Digital and Computer Arts and its several subfields. The Artech series started in the year 2004 (Lisbon), then Cerveira (2005), Pontevedra (2006), Oporto (2008), Guimarães (2010), Faro (2012) and the next planned one in Óbidos (2014).
  • Artech-International Art & Technology Price: an international prize for young artists who present works in the fields of computer, digital and electronic arts. The prize is assigned by an international panel of artists, technologists and theorists in the fields of applied arts, technology, culture, education, entertaining and design;
  • Workshops/Ateliers, Seminars, Exhibitions, Art Residences in the fields of Art&Science and Technology organised on demand and according to local national groups interests;
  • Participation in Research & Development projects in the different fields of Digital and Computer Arts, Digital Cultura and Humanities;
  • Art Agency to support young artists in their career in all over the world.