Artech 2005 – Second Workshop Luso-Galaico on Digital Arts – Vila Nova de Cerveira
Artech 2004 was the second workshop held in Portugal and Galicia on the topic of Digital Arts. It aimed at continuing the promotion of the emerging community of digital art, embracing practitioners, artists, scholars, researchers, theoreticians and art consumers in general of this novel area of science & technology & arts & culture. The workshop has been held in Vila Nova de Cerveira, during the International Arts Biennale. It embraced technical sessions, poster and installations, one invited speaker, Christa Sommerer from Linz University of Arts, Austria.
Main conference themes are:

  • 3D sound and spaces
  • Electronic music in the real spaces
  • Assisted music composition
  • Multimedia/audio-visual creation
  • Net art and digital culture
  • Design, 3D animation
  • Technology in art education
  • Copyright management technology
  • Virtual and augmented reality
  • Novel experiences and applications

Proceedings of the 2005 Artech International Workshop on Digital Arts:
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Workshop Program:
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Workshop Flyer:
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Workshop Picture Gallery:
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